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Welcome to Black Sheep Mesa Homepage

This web site is intended to let you know about a unique part of Cibola county in western New Mexico my freinds and I call Black Sheep Mesa (blue rectangle on map).  It lies at the eastern end of the Zuni Reservation and is surrounded on the north and east by the Ramah Navajo Reservation.  A large part of the mesa lies within the Candy Kitchen Ranch township.

The Candy Kitchen (magenta dot on map) mailing addresses are for Ramah, NM (red dot on map) a small town on NM Highway 53.  It is located 18 miles to the northwest in McKinley county. If you continue 22 miles further west on NM Highway 53, you arrive in the town of Zuni, the ancestral home of the Zuni puebloan people.  There are two Ramah Navajo communities Pinehill and Mountain View about 8 and 12 miles respectively from Candy Kitchen.  The entrance to El Morro National Monument (green square) is about 15 miles to the northeast.  NM Highway 53 crosses the continental divide at 7882 ft. elevation near Bandera Caldera and the ice caves (yellow triangle) about 15 miles east of El Morro. See the web site:

Black Sheep Mesa rises from the surrounding high mesa grasslands from approximately 7100 ft. elevation to over 7700 ft elevation. It is part of a large sprawling uplift of ancient sea beds starting just south of the Oso Ridge of the Zuni mountain range and east of El Moro Monument. While being intricately cut by canyons, draws and arroyos, it extends over 7 miles west and approximately 20 miles north to south. 

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