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I have not heard of a Parrakeet builder who has not modified or is not considering modification of the original design.  Some have specific goals in mind like fuel capacity, but most just want to be sure it is "strong enough".

The Rose Parrakeet has been subjected to stress calculation and testing by engineers.  Both Jack Rose and Foster Hannaford received FAA approval of stress analysis.  This data covers both the 728 pound and the 860 pound gross weight airplane.  A key word here is GROSS WEIGHT. If you increase weight without knowing specifically where you must increase strength you are entering a vicious cycle that detracts from performance and can be dangerous.

Doug Rhinehart reportedly pushed the Parrakeet to limits that caused him concern.  He also flew a 40 H.P. Parrakeet over the Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to Iowa.  Few of us will ever demonstrate his intensity and zeal for flight.  The Parrakeet will most likely satisfy our needs straight off the drawing.  A decision not to modify will be rewarded by a buoyant and responsive aircraft, with balanced stresses and strains.

Also for information in your publication, I have located a motorcycle spoke supplier "in California who will supply drag/antidrag wires with heads.  Also readers should beware that MacWhyte is demonstrating horrendous delivery service; over nine months and still waiting.

Larry DeCamp

Reprinted from "The Parrakeet Pilot", Third Issue, February 1966

Cautionary Note from Barry Taylor in "The Parrakeet Pilot", Fourth Edition, 1998.
If you are building from A-1 drawings (there are some out there) and plan to run more than 40 hp and/or aerobat the ship check out those lower [wing] fittings.  Probably should bring them up to A-4 standards anyway.

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