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The Parrakeet Pilot, Eleventh Issue, March 2009 is out and has lots of great information!  Call Barry to Join and get your issue!

Experimental Rose Parrakeet Construction

Rose Parrakeet

Looking for Rose Parrakeet Plans?  Steven Speidel is currently selling Hannaford Model D-1 black line plan sets
sheets are  "D" size (24" x 36").

Information and opinions presented about Rose Parrakeet Construction on this web site, are provided for educational use only.  The Antique Airplane Association,  Parrakeet Pilot's Club, it's members, "The Parrakeet Pilot" Editor and Rose-Parrakeet web site do not accept any liability for the actions of those who may use this information.

For in depth discussion of specific construction or maintenance issues check out the Parrakeet Pilot's Club and "The Parrakeet Pilot" newsletter. 
Click here for the Index.

Rose Parrakeet

Information on Rose Parrakeet Construction, weight and safety issues will be provided by Parrakeet Pilot's Club member Larry DeCamp

Go to the Rose Parrakeet Discussion Forum
If you wish to sell plans, parts or a Parrakeet project or you are looking to buy same.  Larry DeCamp is moderator for construction questions. 
We are building a growing list of useful downloadable Manuals, Drawings and other documents, which are in the public domain for Parrakeet maintenance, restoration and construction on the forum.
You must register & join the forum to access the downloads!

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