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Ed Sweat & "Pajarito" Plans

(— Ed Sweat account from Dan Rhinehart 10 May 2006)
I remember Ed Sweat from around the airport when I was a kid (late 70's).  Ed was a grammar school principal in Farmington at that time. To the best of my recollection he bought an Ercoupe and learned to fly in it at the Aztec airport at this time.  As I remember Ed would hang out around the airport but I don't remember him working for my dad in any capacity.  Ed bought one of the two parrakeets that were partially built when my dad died and finished it as N200ES.

Now comes the interesting part.............How Ed got involved in parrakeet replica business.  I've seen the Ed Sweat "Pajarito" plans and they are nothing more than "Hannaford Bee" plans which seem to be nothing more than pirated Rose Aeroplane and Motor Company drawings.  So in a nutshell Ed just changed the headers on the "Hannaford" drawings and started selling plans. 

. . . I had heard that he got tired with playing with airplanes and went on to several other hobbies and kind of vanashed from Farmington.  As I remember he was from Oklahoma.

If anyone knows how to contact Ed Sweat, who lived in the Farmington, NM area during the 1970's or any of his relatives, please email me at: webmaster@roseparrakeet.org

Factoid - pajarito is Spanish for parakeet.

See "Pajarito" prototype built by Ed Sweat

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