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Rose Parrakeet Aeroplane History 1929-Present

Rose Parrakeet Production
1929 - 1948
1 Pre-production Prototype & 8 Certified Aircraft

Blackhawk Aircraft Co.
1 Experimental aircraft certified

Hannaford Aircraft Co.
1923? - 1971
2 Eperimental aircraft & 2 airframes & dozens of Plans sold

Rhinehart-Rose Mfg.
1965 - 1978
5 Certified Aircraft & 2 airframes

Experimental Parrakeet Reproductions
Homebuilt Aircraft 1955 - Present

Doug Rhinehart,  Rose Parrakeet NC14881

Above - Rose Parrakeet S/N 105 NC14881
Doug Rhinehart in 1936 Rose Parrakeet NC14881.  Photo taken by Nyle Leatham as they returned from 1969 Lindrith, NM Airshow.  Air Power, May 1969, "Doug Rhinehart's spectacular aerobatic performer".  Permission to reprint from Challenge Publications.

Click here to see B&W pic of Rose Parrakeets NC14881(Doug Rhinehart)  & NC18252( Pete Ettinger) in Flight

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Want to know what a four cylinder Continental O-200 engine sounds like when it passes by?  Click here to play a 434 KB .mp3 file.

Originally designed by Jennings W. "Jack" Rose in 1929, the Rose Parrakeet is a single place small bi-plane, it has an unmistakable profile and design.  It uses a classic wood truss rib, spruce spar wing construction with a fabric covered steel tube fuselage and tail surfaces.  It was certified for commercial production by the CAA (predessor to current FAA) under Type Certificate 2-514 in 1935.  The Model A-1 was originally certified with a 37hp Continental A-40-3 engine. Subsequent models were tested with Scott 40 hp, Menasco 50 hp and Franklin 50 & 60 hp engines. Model A-4 was powered by Continental A-65 & A-85 fuel injected engines.  In 1965, Doug Rhinehart obtained a license from Jack Rose to produce five model A-4C aircraft under TC 2-514 and STC SA1040SW(rev) for a Conntinnental O-200 (100 hp) engine.  Today, these aircraft qualify under the new FAA Sport Light Aircraft Rules.

Registration and ownership information displayed with each aircraft has been taken from the current FAA registry.  Much of the "Historical" information and photographs on this web site have been gathered from previously published "American Airman", "Antique Airplane Association Newsletter", "The Parrakeet Pilot", "New Mexico Flying Review" and various newspaper articles.  I have attempted to give credit to all sources including conversations, emails and photographs from Dan Rhinehart, Pete Ettinger, Barry Taylor, Chuck Johanson and current Parrakeet owners and enthusiasts.  More detailed information on specific Parrakeets has been published in "The Parrakeet Pilot".  I have provided an index to newsletter issues One through Eleven on this sight.   If you are interested in Rose Parrakeets, I highly recommend that you purchase these back issues from the "Parrakeet Pilot's Club"

Several of the original commercially produced CAA/FAA certified Rose Aeroplane & Motor Company aircraft from 1933 thru 1938 and Rhinehart Rose Mfg. from 1969 thru 1978 are still flying.  One aircraft manufactured under license to Jack Rose in 1947 by Blackhawk Aircraft Co. was registed, but did not complete the certification process.  It was sold to Foster Hannaford along with four incomplete airframes in March 1948. Foster Hannaford had a license from Jack Rose to manufacture and sell five Hannaford Rose A-4 Parrakeets per year.   In 1950 Hannaford Aircraft, Co completed and sold it's first Hannaford A-4 as an experimental. Sometime between 1948 and the early 50's Rose felt that Hannaford had violated their agreement and filed an injunction against Hannaford Aircraft, which was settled out of court.  By 1955 plans marketed as Hannaford Bee Model D-1, but in fact copies of the Rose Parrakeet Plans were sold for $85 by Hanniford Aircraft Co.   Although Jack Rose and Doug Rhinehart always maintained that Parrakeet Plans were never sold for experimental certification, enthusiastic home builders have been building Parrakeet replicas from Foster Hannaford Model D-1 and Ed Sweat Pajarito plans ever since. 

Because of the short wing span and agile handling characteristics of the Rose Parrakeet, it was often used as an aerobatic show plane by well known air show performers such as Bill Fischer (
NX29111), Dick Owens & Bob Nance (NC14842), Bob Fabian (N34253), Doug Rhinehart (NC1367G, NC14843, NC18252 & NC14881) and Dick Borg (N80RG).

The Antique Airplane Association Library at Antique Airfield, Blakesburg, IA has a "Rose Collection" of photographs, letters, logbooks and memorabilia from Jack Rose and the Rose Aeroplane and Motor Co., which I hope to spend some time reviewing in the near future.

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