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Hannaford Bee D-1 Experimental S/N GF-1 N4048A - S/N 1-GF  N15DG

N-number                      : N15DG
Aircraft Serial Number        : 1-GF
Aircraft Manufacturer         : Donald J. Graap &
                                Richard I. Forrest
         Model                : HANNAFORD BEE D-1
Engine   Manufacturer         : CONT MOTOR
         Model                : A&C65 SERIES
Aircraft Year                 : 1959
Owner Name                    : Charles Brown
Owner Address                 : 9445 PRINGLE BENJAMIN RD
                                LONDON, OH, 43140-8871
Type of Owner                 : Individual
Registration Date             : Dec 31 1989
Airworthiness Certificate Type: Experimental
Approved Operations           : Amateur Built

FAA records show this aircraft was first registerd as N4048A by the builders Don Graap and Richard Forrest on Dec 31 1959.  In an affidavit signed 28 Nov, 1959 the builders state that the aircraft was built entirely from parts and components by them.  However, it is very likely that they acquired one of the uncompleted Blackhawk Rose airframes (S/N 03 or 04) from Hanniford Aircraft Co. as "kit parts".

 In 1974, it was reregistered by sole owner Don Graap as N15DG.  Apparently the serial number was  reversed in 1987 when registered by Patricia Graap, executor of Donald Graap's estate.   A registration application was last submitted in 1990 by Charles Brown and William Boggs, but a registration was not issued.  A cancellation of registration was submitted in 1996 by Owners Charles and William Brown. N-number 4048A was reassigned to another aircraft some time after 1974.

Caption of the first photo at right refers to the aircraft as a "Rose Parrakeet" from Hannaford plans. Second caption refers to it as a "Hannaford Bee D-1".  All registration and sale documents from 1959 on identify it as a Hannaford Bee D-1. 

Email message 12/8/08 from Charles Brown -

I own this Aircraft.   I bought it from Don Graap's estate and flew it home from northern Ohio.   Together with Bill Boggs, we restored it back around 1990, and flew it for many years.   It is in pieces now, in the back of my hanger awaiting another restore, and that will probably happen next year.  Hoping 2009 is a good time to do this.
Charlie Brown

Above - EAA Sport Aviation, must verify date of photo

Left - Hannaford Bee D-1 Experimental, N4048A, owned by Dick Forest at1960 National Air Rally, Orange Airport, Orange, MA.  Photo from American Airman, vol. III, no. 14, December 1960.

Below - Part of 28 November, 1959 afidavit fromm FAA registry document

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