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Rose Parrakeet Reproduction   N4HW

Type Reservation                      Fee Paid
Mode S Code                           51124263
Reserved Date                         11/14/2007
Renewal Date                          10/24/2008
Purge Date                            12/14/2009
Pending Number Change                 None
Change Authorized
Reserving Party Name                  WILSON HOWARD
Street                                PO BOX 102
City                                  NEW MARKET
State                                 MARYLAND
Zip Code                             21774-0102
County                               FREDERICK
Country                               UNITED STATES

Howard Wilson has reserved an N-number for his Parrakeet project.  Here are some pics of it with more to come.  The fact that some of these parts contain CAA airworthiness tags circa 1949, is historically significant and qualifies them for museum status or at least Parrakeet Hall of Fame!

forum post 5/6/09 - I bought a 4th hand project two years ago, and am in the process of collecting parts and information. If you received the last Parrakeet Pilot Newsletter [Ed: Eleventh Issue, March 2009] from Barry the insert contains a summary of finding and general 1st impressions of the project. I'll do an update soon. Larry and Barry have been a great help to me already. Just wanted to check in for now. Howard Wilson

email 5/13/09 - First one is project in the truck as picked up in NY. 2nd a front quartering shot. 3rd, what I think to be an original Hannaford A-4, factory produced vertical stab and rudder. Circa 1949. More later Howard

email from Howard Wilson, 5/17/09 -
Hi Don, Here's a few more pics....
The uncovered tail feathers came from a fellow whose dad worked at the Hannaford factory around 1949. I obtained several other parts from him at the same time. ~90% of the metal fittings, streamlined brace wires (for the tail, and one set of cabanes), most of the wooden blocks for the wires in the wings, spoke style wires, full set of ribs with CAA airworthiness tags (dated July 15 1949) attached. [Ed note: this date is more than one year after the completed Blackhawk Rose Parrakeet NC40100 is sold to Foster Hannaford.  Did Hannaford make them or just get already made parts by Blackhawk inspected and approved?]  The glue in many of the ribs is drying out... Two wings worth of spars and four leading edge nose pieces. Plus a few odds and ends. There is an auction type lot tag on one of the tail pieces, which makes me think they might have auctioned off the remaining parts when they shut down?

clawsonpkeet 021b
clawsonpkeet 024b

Above Left & Right - Tail feathers.
Left - Rose Parrakeet A-4 Spars and leading edge material.
Right - Spar fittings.  All Photos by Howard Wilson late 2008 and spring 2009.  However most of the "parts" appear to date from post Blackhawk Aircraft era to early Hannaford Aircraft time frame!

billclawsonpktparts 007b

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