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Rhinehart Rose Parrakeet A4-C  S/N 505  NC12084 "Gypsy Rose"

N-number                    : N12084
Aircraft Serial Number      : 505
Aircraft Manufacturer       : ROSE-RHINEHART
         Model              : A4-C
Engine   Manufacturer       : CONT MOTOR
         Mode               : 0-200 SERIES
Aircraft Year               : 1969
Owner Name                  : TAYLOR BARRY B
Owner Address               : 22001 BLUEGRASS RD
                              OTTUMWA, IA, 5250
Type of Owner               : Partnership
Registration Date           : 18-Sep-1995
Airworthiness Certificate   : Standard
Approved Operations         : Normal

This was the first certified production Parrakeet manufactured by Doug Rhinehart under license from Jack Rose and/or Rose Aeroplane & Motor Co.  Doug originally had the name "Sentimental Rose" stenciled on the aircraft, because he had reused the N-number of Jack Rose's 1929 pre-production prototype NX12084.  Rhinehart Rose Parrakeet S/N 505, NC12084 was completed in 1969 and immediately started traveling across the country as the "Factory Demo" plane.

In the tenth issue (March 2007) of "The Parrakeet Pilot" newsletter, Barry Taylor recounts the early travels of this 'Keet' back and forth across the country from New Mexico to Ottumwa, to California and back several times.  He speculates that it was this extensive traveling that eventually earned NC12084 the nickname "Gypsy Rose".

(From Dan Rhinehart - 5/30/06)
Here is a picture of NC12084 in its original form (and color). As you can see it was originally a light metallic green and white. The color was virtually the same as the metallic green color on the new 2006 Ford Mustang. It was painted this color at the urging of Raymond Goosen. Raymond was very much involved in the construction of NC12084 and said that green was a good color because it "is the color of money". It's interesting that there are so very few pictures of this airplane when it was green. This is about the best one I can find. It was repainted red within a few years of its completion.

Above - 1969 Rhinehart-Rose Parrakeet S/N 505 NC12084 (center) in original metalic green color with 1936 Rose Parrakeet NC14881 in background at Aztec, NM airport. Photo circa 1969, courtesey of Dan Rhinehart. 

Above - Doug Rhinehart in front of metalic green 1969 Rhinehart-Rose A4-C Factory Demo S/N 505, NC12084 at 1969 AAA Aerobatic Contest.  Photo from Antique Airplane Association News, vol. XIIII, nos. 7 & 8, March/April 1970.

Above - A repainted NC12084 in hanger at 1974 Staggerwing Fly-In, Alameda, NM.  Image from slide, photo by Bill Barber.

Below - Barry Taylor poses in front of his aircraft, "Gypsy Rose" S/N 505, NC12084 in Antique Airfield hanger May 2005.  Barry  recently completed extensive restoration on "Gypsy Rose".  Photo by Don Gillmore, May 2005.

Below - "Gypsy Rose" S/N 505, NC12084 in front of the hangars at Antique Airfield during 2006 AAA/APM Labor Day Fly-In.  Photo by Robert Hughes.

See more 2006 photos of NC12084

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