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Rose Parrakeet A-1  S/N 101  NX13677, NC13677 & NC1367G

N-number                      : N1367G
Aircraft Serial Number        : 101
Aircraft Manufacturer         : ROSE
Model                         : PARRAKEET A-1
Aircraft Year                 : 1933
Engine Manufacturer           : Continental
Engine Model                  : A-40  S/N 151
Owner Name                    : Not Specified
Registration Date             : Not Specified
Airworthiness Certificate Type: Standard
Approved Operations           : Normal

The Rose Parrakeet A-1 Production Prototype
According to FAA registration documents, Jack Rose applied for a temporary experimental registration number (NX13677) for Rose Parrakeet S/N 101 on 2 August 1934.  On 8 November, 1935 Rose received Type Certificate 2-514 approval from the CAA and began commercial production.  In November 1935, NC13677 was sold to B.J Colleran of Chicago, Illinois. 

Doug Rhinehart purchased this aircraft in June 1967 and started restoration.  In 1973 he began the registration process which took the better part of three years as he was required to establish and document it's chain of ownership and registration. NC13677's N-number had long since been reassigned.  In January 1976, it was registered as NC1367G.

Although a second original restoration is in progress on NC14866, to date, NC1367G is the only completely original Rose Parrakeet A-1 with Continental A-40-4 engine (S/N 151) and tail skid as restored by Doug Rhinehart.  (Don Gillmore)

Right - Photo of NX13677 taken in 1935 in front of Palwaukee Airport hangar.  A high resolution enlargement clearly shows the experimental designation N-number on the underside of the lower wing.

Below - 1938 Photo of NC13677 at  Stinson Airport, La Grange, Illinois. Note the same light color on the wheels and fuselage stripe as photo to right.  Photo reprinted from Aviation Quarterly, Vol 6 Issue 1.

Rose Parrakeet NC13677
Rose Parrakeet NC13677
NX13677 Palwaukee 1935
Rose Parrakeet NC13677

Reprinted from AAA/APM web site
Few visitors to Antique Airfield during Annual AAA-APM Fly-lns will ever forget the aerobatic demonstrations by the late Doug Rhinehart of Farmington, New Mexico in his Rose-Rhinehart Parrakeets.

Doug rebuilt this early model Parrakeet and it had been on loan to various pilots in the Southwest.  Several years ago, at the Casa Grande Fly-ln, Doug Rhinehart had all the visiting pilots write their names on the silver finish of the lower wings. This feature will remain an important part of this airplane, now displayed in the Airpower Museum.

N-1367G was donated by Mrs. Doug Rhinehart of Farmington, New Mexico in the memory of her husband, Doug, whose name was of course, synonymous with the revival of the Rose design and production of at least five new Rose-Rhinehart Parrakeets.

This famous design originated by Jack Rose, AAA M-8037, has never lost its popularity over the years and the design continues to be copied, emulated, and pursued in various fashions by many who have been captivated by this diminutive biplane with such fine flying characteristics.

Our thanks to the Rhinehart family for this contribution. This gift will do a great deal to maintain the Airpower Museum as a museum by and for its membership.

Reprinted with permission rom AAA-APM Parrakeet Type Club web site

Above Left & Right - Jack Rose w/ Parrakeet A-1 S/N 101, NX13677 circa 1935.  Note the split fuselage strip and dark (red?) paint on wheels. 
Below Left - The registration number on the upper wing appears to be "X13677" indicating that these photos were taken before CAA airworthiness certification under type certificate 2-514.  Photos reprinted from "The Parrakeet Story; As told to John Underwood, by Jack Rose", Sport Flying, June 1969 .
Below - 1935 Photo of NX13677 at same airport as above. Photo reprinted from Aviation Quarterly, Vol 6 Issue 1.

Rose Parrakeet NC13677
Rose Parrakeet NC13677
Rose Parrakeet NC13677
Rose Parrakeet NC13677

Above Left & Right - Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC13677 at some event (maybe a fly-in at Gennesee Airport?) circa 1935?.  Photos courtesy of Don Pellegreno.

Right - NC1367G flying at Antique Airfield, Blakesburg, IA.  Formerly owned and restored by Doug Rhinehart and donated to the Air Power Museum by his family after his death in 1978.  Photo reprinted with permission of AAA/APM web site.

See detail photos of NC1367G as of May 2005

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Rose Parrakeet NC1367G