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Rose Parrakeet A-1  S/N 105  NC14881 "Ramblin Rose"

N-number                  : N14881
Aircraft Serial Number    : 105
Aircraft Manufacturer     : ROSE
         Model            : PARAKEET A-1
Engine   Manufacturer     : CONT MOTOR
         Model            : C85 SERIES
Aircraft Year             : 1936
Owner Name                : RHINEHART DANIEL
Owner Address             : 908 SANDALWOOD AVE
                            FULLERTON, CA, 92835
Type of Owner             : Individual
Registration Date         : 28-Mar-2005
Airworthiness Certificate : Standard
Approved Operations       : Acrobatic

Parrakeet S/N 105, NC14881 was the second aircraft sold to Mr. Wilfred J. "Bill" Viau of Culver City, CA.  It was delivered to the new owner in California on 20 July, 1937.  Mr. Viau owned the aircraft until late 1939, when he sold it to Marrion E. McKeen.    NC14881 moved around from California to Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Michigan and back to Texas where in 1952 it's registration and air worthiness certificate were canceled.  On 12 May, 1965, Doug Rhinehart purchased "the partially intact fuselage" (which appears to have included the data plate) of Rose Parrakeet S/N 105, NC14881 from a Mr. R. L. Allen. He brought it back to Farmington, NM to rebuild.

Doug Rhinehart also purchased
Hannaford Rose Parrakeet, S/N A-4-00, N40100 in 1965.  He used this airframe to rebuild NC14881.  N40100 was originally built from parts left over from Jack Rose Parrakeet production and registered in 1947.   In a 1967 affidavit to the FAA Doug states that he rebuilt 1936 Rose Parrakeet Model A4C S/N 105 NC14881 to factory standards and requested reinstatement of the registration and air worthiness certificate.  He then obtained STC SA787SW for a C-85 engine issued for Rose Parrakeet S/N 105.

Pete Ettinger a close friend and air show buddy of Doug's  believes that Doug may have obtained the paperwork (and possibly a data plate) directly from Jack Rose during one of his many trips to Chicago to visit Rose.  Pete accompanied  Doug on at least two of those visits and recalls how desperate Doug was to collect any papers or memorabilia Jack had in fear that it would be lost when Jack died.

Dan Rhinehart confirmed that the current NC14881 as flown by Doug was rebuilt using the airframe and parts from N40100 a Hannaford Rose Parrakeet left over from Jack Rose's production in the late 30s or 40s.  According to Dan, "Same airframe different dataplate."

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14881

Above - 1936 Rose Parrakeet S/N 105, NC14881 on trailer for delivery in California.  Photo taken in 1937.  Photo courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

See more '30's photos of NC14881

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14881

Above - Doug Rhinehart (deceased 1978) in 1936 Rose Parrakeet NC14881.  Photo taken by Howard Jones, date unknown.

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14881

See more photos of NC14881 as Flown by Doug Rhinehart

See more photos of NC14881 as Restored by Dan Rhinehart

Above—A Parrot  owned by the airport organizer (Jack Woods) is perched on the propeller of NC14881 at Mid-Valley Airshow, Los Lunas, NM (Fall?) '72.  Note the two interplane struts Doug was testing at this time.

Below - NC14881 at Alemeda Airshow, Alameda, NM June '73. Note that second inter-plane strut has been replaced by a diagonal wire.  Both Photos by Chuck Johanson

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14881
Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14881

Left - NC14881 stripped down for restoration at Cable airport, Upland, CA

Right - Dan Rhinehart in front of his father's  aerobatic show plane (NC14881).  Dan completed a full restoration of this aircraft in November 2005.  Photo taken after the first post-restoration flight.  This was also NC14881's first flight in 20 years.  Photos courtesy of Dan Rhinehart

Dan Rhinehart Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14881

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