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Rose Parrakeet A-1  S/N 107  NC18252 "Rosa Blanca"

N-number                      : N18252
Aircraft Serial Number        : 107
Aircraft Manufacturer         : ROSE
         Model                : PARAKEET A-1
Engine   Manufacturer         : CONT MOTOR
         Model                : A&C65 SERIES
Aircraft Year                 : 1938
Owner Name                    : HAYS JAMES B
Owner Address                 : 4000 COUNTY ROAD 339
                                BROWNWOOD, TX, 76802
Type of Owner                 : Individual
Registration Date             : 21-Jul-1999
Airworthiness Certificate Type: Standard

NC18252 was originally equipped and certified as a Rose Parrakeet A-2F with a 50 hp. Franklin A4C-150 Series 50 engine, but it was later sold to Harry C. Grimm as an A-1 with a 40 hp Continental A-40-4.  The substantially higher line of the engine mount and corresponding thrust line with the Franklin series 50 are evident when you compare the photos at the right.  Also evident is the cowl fairing around the cylinders, which probably functioned to enhance cooling on the Franklin.

NC18252 was Doug Rhinehart's first Rose Parrakeet.  He found it in a hanger in Deming, NM and purchased it in the early sixties.   Doug obtained STC SA458SW for the use of a Continental C-65 on Rose Parrakeet S/N 107.  He flew it in several air shows in New Mexico, the southwest and at the AAA National Fly-In at Ottumwa, IA.  He subsequently sold it to Pete Ettinger about 1968.  Pete had accompanied Doug to airshows in his 1929 Fleet and he continued to do so in the Parrakeet.

At least twice in it's history NC18252 has been painted all white.  It's current owner Jim Hayes,  has named it "Rosa Blanca"

(7/26/06 email from Jim Hayes) - ...  I lost a piece of prop in #107 June 2005 en route to the Texas AAA fly-in and damaged it in the forced landing. Barry Taylor redid the wings for me and both airplanes [S/N 102 & 107] are in my hangar. If you will send your address, I will send some information on the birds for your website. ...
Regards, Jim Hays

(9/20/09 email from John Cervinka) - ...Hello. I was looking through the net and decided to search for the Rose Parrakeet. Shortly before his service in WWII, my father purchased the aircraft (S/N 107: Tail Number NC18252) from a farmer who had crashed in his field, I think near Aurora, Illinois. When my father was 19, (in 1939) he and his friend, a pilot for United Airlines, rebuilt the plane and got it flying again. He has a photo of him sitting in the cockpit of it, which I can scan later and send to you and to the current owner Jim Hayes. Could you put me in contact with Mr. Hayes, i.e. e-mail address or telephone number? My father, James Cervinka, is still alive (89 years old) and was wondering about its history. He told me that in the early 40s he sold to someone in Iowa. From there, ???? He also said he could fill Mr. Hayes in on all of the repairs that were made by hand.

Best regards, John A. Cervinka

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252

Below - Photo taken during early forties.  Definitely not a blond during the first decade of her life!  Photo from Frank Rezich collection, reprinted from web site - permission pending

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252
Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252

Above - Doug Rhinehart in front of NC18252 circa 1966.  Photo Courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

See more photos of NC18252 as flown by Doug Rhinehart

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252

Above - NC14252 at Big Country Air show, Abilene, TX, 2004.  Owner Jim Hayes.  Permission to reprint pending

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Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252

Left &Above - Rose Parrakeet A-2, NC18252 with 50 hp Franklin engine as originally certified circa 1939. Note the higher line of the engine mounting compared to two photos below with Continental A-40-4. Individual unidentified.  May be Rose's engineer, Raymond Bitner.
Below Right - NC18252 with A-40 continental engine as delivered to first owner Harry C. Grimm in 1941.  As a former Navy pilot he added the fuselage stripe.  Photos reprinted from "The Parrakeet Story: As told to John Underwood by Jack Rose", Sport Flying, June 1969..

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252
Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252

Above -NC18252 circa 1968 at Coronado Airport after repainting by new owner Pete Ettinger.

See more photos of NC18252 as flown by Pete Ettinger