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The Parrakeet Pilot, Eleventh Issue, March 2009 is out and has lots of great information!  Call Barry to Join and get your issue!

Parrakeet Pilots Club

Parrakeet Pilots Club

Parrakeet Pilots Club is sponsored by the Antique Airplane Association.  Membership is $15.00 for three 16 page issues.  Subscription is by issues of "The Parrakeet Pilot" received, not any annual or quarterly basis.  No membership cards are issued to keep administrative costs down.

Back issues are available for additional $25.00

Editor                              Barry Taylor
Graphics Editor                Cindy Reis

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You can read Barry's explanation about how our editor found himself on his way from Iowa to Rhinehart-Rose Manufacturing, Inc, Farmington, NM in the Fall of '73 in "The Parrakeet Pilot", Second Issue, p.4.  Check out the Index to other stories on the "Newsletter" page.

Barry Taylor & Rhinehart Rose Parrakeet NC12084

 Above - Barry Taylor poses in front of his aircraft, "Gypsy Rose" Rhinehart-Rose A4-C S/N 505, NC12084 in Antique Airfield hanger.  "Gypsy Rose" recently underwent  extensive restoration by Barry.  Photo by Don Gillmore, 25 May 2005.

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