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Rhinehart-Rose Manufacturing, Inc. Hangar - Aztec Municipal Airport (N19)

(email 02/05/08 from Dan Rhinehart)
Here are a few pictures taken in July 2004 at Aztec [Municipal] Airport, [Aztec, New Mexico].  The hangar in the picture is the Rhinehart Rose Mfg. hangar.  It basically looks the same as it did thirty years ago other than the RV door on the side of the hangar, as well as the ravages of time.  Back then of course there used to be a lot more life there.  At that time Aztec Airport was home to Rhinehart Rose Mfg, PHI Helicopters and Shakespeare Aviation.  Shakespeare Aviation was to the best of my memory a small flight school and Piper dealer.  As I remember they had a few new Warriors and Archers on line. PHI (Petroleum Helicopters International) was as a helicopter charter company that specialized in running people and materials to the local gas and oil drill sights.  I think they also did air ambulance flights?  They flew yellow Bell Jet Rangers.  Actually the PHI / Rhinehart Rose Mfg. hangar was a "duplex" with a small door between them. PHI was on the South end and Rhinehart Rose Mfg. on the north side.
Take care, Dan

(email 2/10/08 from dan Rhinehart)
Now that you have seen what the Aztec hanger looks like now.  Here is a look at what it was like in 1977. 

The first picture is my dad and Jack Reed. You might want to look up Jack as he was one of my dad's best friends and was around a lot. Jack is now retired and living in Bloomfield, NM.  Jack was one of the truly good guys that was around back then.  I can't say enough good things about him. 

The airplanes in the pictures are:
    Red wings on the wall NC12084. 
    Green airplane NC846V
    Yellow airplane NC14884 
    The uncovered airplane against the wall is N200ES
    The one closest to the door which is only barley seen other
      than a tire and part of a gear leg is N63950. 

The girl who's backside is in most of these pictures is Jo Alexander.
Best wishes, Dan

Right Above - Doug Rhinehart (right) and JackReed (left) discuss Parrakeet plans early 1977.
Left - Rhinehart Rose Parrakeets in production July 1977. S/N 505 NC 12084 (red wings on wall), S/N 509, NC846V (far left), S/N 508, NC14884 (center) and S/N 510, N63950 tire and gear only visible (lower right). Uncovered Fuselage against back wall would become N200ES.
Right - Rhinehart Rose Parrakeet S/N 509, NC846V
Left - More of same.  Note fine shot of rib & spar detail.
Right Below - Fabric covering wings and fuselage. Jo Alexander in green top.
Photographer(s) unknown.  Photos courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

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Left - Aztec Municipal Airport.  Former Rhinehart Rose Manufacturing, Inc. hangar outlined by red box. Note: image is oriented to "True" North, not "Magentic" North.  Aerial photo image from Google Earth 2008.
Above - Former Rhinehart Rose Manufacturing, Inc. hangar - west side.  Doug's shop occupied the north half (on left). 
Right - Aztec Municipal Airport (N19), Aztec, NM info circa 2004 form "Flight Guide - Volume I - Western States".  Note field elevation 5877' on top of a mesa with 60' drop-offs.

Above - North & west side view.
Below - North & east side view. Photos taken 2004 by Dan Rhinhart.

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