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Hannaford A-4 (Rose Parrakeet) Experimental  S/N A4-01 N34253

N-number                  : N34253
Aircraft Serial Number    : A4-01
Aircraft Manufacturer     : HANNAFORD AIRCRAFT CO
    Model                 : Hannford
Engine Manufacturer       : CONT MOTOR
    Model                 :
Aircraft Year             : 1950?
Owner Name                : 
Owner Address             : 
Type of Owner             : 
Registration Date         : 
Airworthiness Certificate : Experimental
Approved Operations       :

            Aircraft destroyed 1963

Hannaford Model A-4C, S/N A4-01, N34253 is probably the first Hannaford A-4C (Parrakeet) manufactured by Foster Hannaford, Jr.  As mentioned elsewhere, although N40100 S/N A4-00 and at least two other completely welded airframes were purchased by Hannaford from Blackhawk Aircraft Co., he did not build it.  N40100 was acquired by Foster Hannaford in 1947, after registration and airworthiness certification were issued to Blackhawk Aircraft Co. for N40100.  It was really Blackhawk Rose Parrakeet S/N A4-01.  It and the other airframes were Rose Aeroplane & Motor Co. property as far as Jack Rose was concerned.

N34253 was one of at least three airframes welded up by Jack Rose post W.W.II for Blackhawk Aircraft's startup (See entry Bibliography 5 ), but was not completed by them.  Hannaford completed it and sold it uncertified to Roy D. Pavlik with a Continental A-65 engine, 1 May, 1950.  N34253 was not issued an airworthiness certificate until October 1953, when it was owned by Branson S. McKracken, Richard Fernades and A. L. Zum Mallen.  In 1955 these owners had the engine replaced with a fuel injected Continental C-85.  It was subsequently owned by several other Illinois pilots until it was purchased by Robert A. Fabian of Peotone, IL in 1959.  He flew it to EAA National Rockford Fly-Ins as well as the AAA National fly-Ins in Oskaloosa, IA where he entered and won the amateur aerobatics competition in 1960 & 1961.  N34253 is referred to in the quoted captions below as a "Rose Parrakeet" & "Hannaford Parrakeet", but FAA registration documents always refer to it as a "Hannaford A-4". 

In a 1964 letter to Jack Rose, Doug Rhinehart refers to the second Hannaford Rose Parrakeet as "the one Fabian pulled apart".  The first inference is that this airframe would have been Blackhawk Aircraft Co. Parrakeet S/N 02. The second inference is that N34253 was damaged or "pulled apart" by Fabian.  N34253 was de-reregistered in November 1963. The "Cancellation of Registration Number Request" cites "AIR DATA 9-1-61" as the explanation.  However, AIR DATA 9-1-61 was not included in the documentation I received.  The online NTSB accident/incident reports start in January 1962 and do not have a report on N34253 from that time to December of 1963.  However,  there was an airframe/wing failure incident and Robert Fabian survived it, but the aircraft did not!    Please read Bob Fabian's first person account below..  

(email from Bob Fabian - 01/26/08)
I am Robert Fabian, pilot of the Rose Parrakeet built by Hanaford that crashed in Peotone, Ilinois [Monday, 4 September, 1961].  The two right wings separated from the main fuselage on a pullout from a dive [at] approx. 140 mph.  I bailed out at approx 400 ft.  Pulled the rip cord from standing in the cockpit. The chute pulled me out and I had about a 10 second parachute ride and landed within 5 feet of the crashed plane. My glasses, wristwatch and my shoes were gone. Later found in the cockpit wreckage. Only injury was from legs hitting the stabilizer on being pulled out of the plane by the opening of the chute.  Nothing was salvaged other than prop, which was later made to hold up the mailbox on rural route [and data plate as shown above]. Great aircraft, but had no flying and landing wires to brace the wing structure. [ Ed. Note: N34253 did have a flying strut to rear spar as do all Parrakeets built to plan.  Doug Rhinehart beefed up wing attachments and spar widths on all A4Cs built for 85 & 100 hp engines.  This airframe probably had original attachments and spars for A-1 thru A-3 series Parrakeets built for 40 & 65 hp engines.]  Engine was Continental 85 fuel injected. Thank you,
Bob Fabian

(email from Bob Fabian - 01/28/08)
Hello Don !! ... Sending a couple of more pics for your files. Don't remember which of my friends took all of these photos so no credit can be given.  Will send more info on your questions later.  The lake is just background on the Parrakeet lake picture.  My best to you.  Bob Fabian
PS. Now living in Mountain Home, Arkansas where it's a little warmer than Peotone, Ill. !!!

(email from Bob Fabian - 01/30/08)
Hi Don! Thanks for answering my emails. I really appreciate your interest and the web site.
As to the major downer, you got that right. I had a solid buyer for the plane and a deposit.  Washed and polished it to a gleaming finish and this was to be the last flight. .........Well, it was!!...... I sent the deposit back to the buyer with a note of apology.  As to the quick thinking part.  You are right about that.  When I heard the loud crack, I didn't even look to see that the 2 right wings were gone, i just unbuckled the safety belt, stood up and pulled the rip cord, (which I still have).
Again thank you for bringing back some good memories and a little bad one.  Paid $25.00 for the surplus chute from a druggist in Dyer, Indiana.  Best investment I ever made.  
My best to you and yours. Bob 

See Kankakee Daily Journal article and photo covering the crash on following page .

Above - Bob Fabian completing a loop in N34253 during airshow at Peotone, IL in 1960. Photo by Lee Knickrehm. Photo courtesy of Bob Fabian

Right - Rose Parrakeet  owned by Robert Fabian at AAA National Fly-In Oskaloosa, IA, September 5-7, 1959. Note unusual (for a Parrakeet) squared off verticle stabilizer and rudder.  Photo by Dick Palen, December 1959, American Airman, vol. III, no. 2, pg.

Above -  Robert "Bob" Fabian in front of N34253.  Date unknown, but probably dates between 1959 and mid-year 1961.  By September 1961 the paint pattern had changed to a grid as noted in photos below.  Photographer unknown. 
Left - Data plate recovered from totaled aircraft.  Photos courtesy of Bob Fabian.

Hannaford Rose Parrakeet  N34253
Hannaford Rose Parrakeet  N34253

Above Left and Right - 1960 AAA Annual Fly-In amatuer aerobatic competition, Oskaloosa, IA.  November 1960 American Airman, vol. III, no. 13, pg. 21.

Above, Right & Below - Photos of N34253 in-flight with Robert "Bob" Fabian in the cockpit.  Photographers unknown. Photos courtesy of Bob Fabian.

Left - Bob Fabian accepting National Amatuer Aerobatics award at AAA National Fly-In.  Reprinted from Antique Airplane Association News, vol V, no. 4 December 1961.

Hannaford Rose Parrakeet  N34253

Above - Hannaford Parrakeet, Continental 85, N34253.  Bob Fabian taking off for aerobatic performance at 1961 AAA National Fly-In [1-3 September].   Note: change of rudder pattern from checker board in May '60 photo to the right to grid pattern above.  Also note that by the time this photo was published, the aircraft had been destroyed in the crash Monday, 4 September, 1961.  Photo by Durham.  Antique Airplane Association News, vol.V, no. 4, December 1961.

Below - Bob Fabian on wing of N34253 at 1961 AAA National Fly-In.  Reprinted from American Airman, vol IV, no. 12, December 1961.

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