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Hannaford Rose Parrakeet Experimental  S/N A4-02 N34254

N-number                  : N34254
Aircraft Serial Number    : A4-02
Aircraft Manufacturer     : HANNAFORD AIRCRAFT CO
    Model                 : HANNAFORD
Engine Manufacturer       : CONT MOTOR
    Model                 :
Aircraft Year             : ?
Owner Name                : 
Owner Address             : 
Type of Owner             : 
Registration Date         : 
Airworthiness Certificate : Experimental
Approved Operations       : Amateur Built

The N-number N34254 was de-registered sometime since photo in 1955.  The N-number is currently reassigned. 

N34254 is referred to in the quoted captions below as a  "Hannaford Bee".  Registration documents were not found during initial search (7/31/2006), but further research has been requested from FAA.

Anyone with information on the construction, history or final fate of N34254 or information about its owners is requested to contact me at webmaster@roseparrakeet.org

Above - Photo from article "Mr. Hannaford's Bee" printed in April 1955, EAA Experimenter, pg. 6.  There is no attribution for the photo of N34254 .

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