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Rose Parrakeet Reproduction  S/N 63  N163MS

N-number                  : N163MS
Aircraft Serial Number    :63
Aircraft Manufacturer     :MANKOVICH STANLEY J
     Model                :
Engine Manufacturer       :CONT MOTOR
     Model                :
0-200 SERIES
Aircraft Year             :1992
Owner Name                :STAATS DONALD J
Owner Address             :2373 ESSEX GRACE
                           NEW BRAUNFELS, TX, 78130
Type of Owner             :Individual
Registration Date         :18-Jul-2005
Airworthiness Certificate :Experimental
Approved Operations       :Amateur Built

(Don Staats wrote in an email dated 4/7/06)
I own N163MS, serial no. 63 built from Hannaford plans by Stanley Mankovich in New Jersey in 1992.  Mankovich licensed it as Experimental and spelled Parrakeet with one "R". ( I put the 2nd "R" in on the sign the FAA makes you put near the tail feathers so Parrakeet people don't kid me about the one "R" ).

I bought it from Jack Barker in Florida last summer. We took the wings off and trailered it home to Texas. After 5 hours we majored the Cont. 0-200 engine and I have put 8 or so hours on since.

(Don Staats email  11/12/07)
Here is a picture of my airplane taken at LaGrange, Texas by Denis Price. He is the premire photographer of airplanes in central and north Texas. (above)

Left - Don Staats (left) and Chuck Schelnick (right) a mechanic and friend in front of N163MS just prior to Don's first flight after reassembly of the aircraft. Location is Elm Creek Airpark, 4 miles south of Seguin, Texas.  Date June 8,2005. Photos Courtesy of Don Staats

Left and Right - N163MS just prior to first flight and after Don's reassembly of the aircraft.  Location is Elm Creek Airpark, Seguin, Texas.  Date June 8,2005. Photos Courtesy of Don Staats

(Don Staats email 3/5/07)
I have about 30 hours on the Parrakeet and it performs well.

I may have mentioned before The improved performance I am getting by the use of aileron gap seals. Don Pellegreno gave me some leading edge tape (3 inch width) and it is perfect for creating a seal on the bottom of the aileron. Barry and Don have a debate whether the seal should go on the bottom or top. I followed Don's route since he was kind enough to provide the tape.

My cruise at 2400 rpm is around 90 mph. I have a 70 X 50 prop and I am going to get the pitch changed to 52" sooner or later. This should improve cruise a little.

The kind of flying I do under the Sport Pilot rules is the same as I used to do in the Pacer that I owned. About four years ago I took the Pacer to Urbana, Illinois then to Odessa. Texas and back to Seguin, TX without once entering airspace that would not be open to the Sport Pilot. On the other hand, the Parrakeet is not as comfortable for a long cross country, so I have been flying in the local area, mostly in a 100 mile radius of my home airport at Seguin.

If cross country was my thing I would get an enclosed, faster, two place.

Again, Don, I really appreciate the effort you have gone to and continue with to keep the Parrakeet a part of the flying community. I refer everyone to your web site when I tell them about my plane.

Keep em' flying, Don Staats

Parrakeet in November0002b1

( Don Staats email 10/12/07),
 I just looked at the video clips from the Panc[h]o Barnes movie and remember when I origanally saw it. I recognized the Parrakeet then as it had always been one of my favorites to dream of owning and flying. Little did I know that nearly 30 years later I would. A great life! Always enjoy seeing your website. I hope to go to Blakesburg (by auto) in 2008, at least that is what I told Anne Pellegreno. Hope to see you there.

I was born and raised in Ottumwa and a cousin attended high school with Bob Taylor.

You are doing a great job with the website and I for one am very greatful. Thanks for all your work.

Left and Below Left - N163MS Don Staats owner & PIC.  Photos Taken at La Grange, Texas by G. R. Dennis Price.  Date November 2009Photos Courtesy of Don Staats

Parrakeet in November0003c

Don Staats email 3/31/2010
... Dennis [Price] is a Brit transplant who now lives in Austin, TX. He travels to all our flying events and to OSH and Blakesburg. He doesn't charge for his pictures. At La Grange he has a box set up with the 8 X 10s in a folder with your N-number and you just help yourself. Also, he shows up here in New Braunfels at the 2nd Saturday breakfast and lays a bunch on me to deliver to the guys flying out of Elm Creek. We all think Dennis is a great photographer.

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