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Rose Parrakeet A-1  S/N 104  NC14844 & N14944

N-number                  : N14944
Aircraft Serial Number    : 104
Aircraft Manufacturer     : ROSE
         Model            : PARAKEET A-1
Aircraft Year             :    
Owner Name                : RHINEHART CODY R
Owner Address             : 1153 NE 625
                            KNOB NOSTER, MO, 65336
Type of Owner             : Individual
Registration Date         : 13-Nov-1995
Airworthiness Certificate : Not Specified

Rose Parrakeet A-1 S/N 104 NC14844 was delivered to California by Jack Rose and sold to D. F. Peterson, C. H. Osburn and C. P. Watkins (co-owners of the Peterson Flying Service) on June 16th, 1936.  Peterson Flying Service operated out of Los Angeles Municipal Airport, Inglewood, CA.  On December 20th, 1937 they sold it to Louis Steiner.  It was destroyed by a hangar fire at Brawley Airport, CA on April 17th, 1938.  Its registration number was subsequently canceled.

In 1995, S/N 104 was sold by Douglas Steiner, executor of the estate of Waunita Steiner to Cody Rhinehart, who applied for re-registration.  He was assigned N14944 at that time.  It was purchased by Cody Rhinehart for restoration, but no certificate of air worthiness has been issued since that purchase as of 17 April, 2006.  At this time the N-number N14844 is reserved, but unassigned.

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14844

Above -  NC14844 at Pal-Waukee Municipal Airport, Wheeling, Illinois. Date Unknown, but prior to mid-June, 1936 when both planes were delivered to California.  
Below—NC14843(foreground)  & NC14844 at Pal-Waukee Municipal Airport, Illinois.  Date Unknown, but prior to mid-June, 1936 when both planes were delivered to California.   Photos possibly taken by Ralph Johnston.  Courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14844

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