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More Photos Rose Parrakeet N14842 N89N

Rose Parrakeet N14842

Above Left - Rose S/N 102, NC14842 in Airshow livery sometime in early 50's.  Note large rudder and slick engine installation.  Photo by Al Bachman
Above Right - Now named "Butch" with pressure cowl.  1950's Photos reprinted from "The Parrakeet Pilot", Fourth Issue, March 1998.

Right - Another photo of "Butch" circa 1950's. Photo reprinted from Aviation Quarterly, Vol. 6, Issue 1.

Below - Bob Nance seated in his highly modified Rose Parrakeet (S/N 102) now registered as N89N at 1958 Collinsville, PA airshow. He claims to have repeatedly dove the aircraft at 190 mph with a 7 G pull-out. However, after two years of that, he found cracked main wing spars.  Note Lycoming O-290 w/ pressure cowling, 4 ailerons, smoke system and wheel pants.  Photo reprinted from Aviation Quarterly, Vol. 6, Issue 1.

Rose Parrakeet N14842
Rose Parrakeet N14842
Rose Parrakeet N14842
Rose Parrakeet N89N

Above - Parrakeet S/N 102 '61 AAA aerobatic contest and flown by John Luebke. It has O-290 engine, four ailerons, built up turtle deck as modified by Bob Nance. Photo reprinted from Dec 1961, Antique Airplane Association, vol. V, no. 4, p. 15.

Below - Rose Parrakeet S/N 102  N89N owned by John Luebke at 1961 EAA Rockford Fly-In.  Note good view of "extra" upper aileron.  Reprinted from American Airman, vol. IV, no. 11, November 1961.  Photo by Art Krieger.

Above - I assume that this is airshow pilot, Bob Nance in front of his modified Parrakeet N89N circa late '50's.  Paint scheme matches that of photo at upper left, which Aviation Quarterly captioned as 1958 photo of Nance and N89N. Note also how the new paint scheme changed by 1961 (see photos left and below) with owner John Lubke.  Photographer, location and date unknown.  Photo courtesy of Lyman Hatz.

Below - Parrakeet S/N 102  N89N in John Luebke garage Naperville, IL just prior to "retirement". Photo taken by Doug Rhinehart, August 1965.  Photo courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

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