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H. D. "Pete" Ettinger & Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252 - More Photos 2

Pete Ettinger grew up around airports and airplanes.  His father, Carl operated a business at Alameda Airport just North of Albuquerque, NM.  He then moved his operation to Coronado Airport on the north east side of Albuquerque.  Along with partner Dick Durand, he bought, repaired and sold aircraft as well as operating the Coronado FBO.  Pete learned to fly at age sixteen and ferried airplanes cross country for his father during college.  In the 60's and 70's Pete and Doug Rhinehart were flying buddies.  Pete often flew his 1929 Fleet to air shows around the country with Doug in one Rose Parrakeet or another.  Because the Fleet was two place, Pete often carried the baggage and any trophies they won.  By 1968, Pete bought NC18252 from Doug and they flew their "keets" cross country to the Antique Airplane Association's National Fly-Ins at Ottumwa, IA and in small air shows in New Mexico and the Southwest.

Pete also got the chance to compete in the Reno Air Races Unlimited class in 1971.  Click here to download the PDF article "Miss Albuquerque" a P-51D Mustang N2116.  On at least one occassion in 1978, Pete acted as the official test pilot on an FAA certification flight (Rhinehart-Rose Parrakeet S/N 508 NC14884).

Pete Ettinger still buys and sells aircraft and recently moved to a residential airpark south of Albuquerque.  He has been an invaluable source of information, photographs and support for this web site. 
"Thank you very much Pete!"

Left - NC18252 at Coronado.  Photo courtesy of Pete Ettinger

Pete Ettinger & NC18252

Above - Pete Ettinger in front of NC18252 at AAA National Fly-In 1968.  Photo from Antique Airplane Association,  vol. XI, nos. 11 & 12, pg. 17.

Above & Below - Pete Ettinger in cockpit of NC18252 at Coronado Airport after repainting by Pete cica 1968.  The red and white scheme matched Doug's show plane NC14881.  Photos courtesy of Pete Ettinger

Below Left - Pete leaning on wing of NC18252 (right) and Doug on wing of NC14881 at 1969 Lindrith Air Show, Lindrith, NM.  Photo by Nyle Leatham

Below Right - NC18252 in front and NC14881 behind.  Photo taken by Nyle Leatham as they returned from 1969 Lindrith, NM Airshow.  Photos courtesy of Pete Ettinger

Rose Parrakeets NC14881 & NC18252

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